Lasso Advertising offers In-House Marketing, Branding, Media Buying, Graphic/Print/Web Design, & Film/Video/Audio Productions. Local, National, Global.


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About Lasso Advertising

Lasso Advertising was created to better represent and market the comprehensive services provided by Lasso Productions.   Greg Wolske, founder and owner of Lasso Productions, decided that the word "productions" doesn't convey all that the company has to offer.  Lasso Productions / Lasso Advertising has always provided services that included film, video and sound productions, as well as, advertising, branding, media buying, graphic/website design and  digital marketing.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned advertiser, Lasso Advertising has the affordable production and marketing solutions that are right for you. Our goal is for your business to grow. That’s why we take a comprehensive and realistic approach to creating advertising that fits your business and budget. If our advertising campaign is successful, then your business will increase and it’s likely you’ll continue to use our services. That’s why we won’t charge top dollar for productions and then spend your entire year’s budget on a four week blitz. When planned correctly, advertising will continually build the strong name recognition your business needs to be competitive in the marketplace.

We still believe in the power of local broadcast and cable television advertising to cost effectively promote your business, product or services.  In our opinion, most businesses with sufficient budgets should always invest first in television advertising. With the advantage of sight, sound and motion, TV spots are more impressionable, more recognizable, and can increase awareness for your company more effectively than any other medium.

Consider us for all your advertising, production and media buying needs.  With our twenty-five years of experience, we create effective advertising that brings in new customers!

We also provide media buying services for radio, print, outdoor advertising and more. Additional production services include, radio spots, voice-overs, music recording, copywriting and graphic design. We create and maintain websites as well.



· Innovative advertising, marketing, branding & media planning that get results!



· In-house production capabilities eliminate costly outsourcing & mark-up fees.



· Ad placement strategies that maximize frequency & reach for a cost effective ROI.



· The same quality & creative work as the big guys without the big investment.



· Exceptional film, video, audio productions created by a highly experienced producer / director.



· Creative vision and the eclectic know-how, expertise & production capabilities to bring those visions to life.